Symposium on Family Troubles: Care and Change in Diverse Contexts

We have been informed of an event taking place at the Henley business school that may be of interest to some of our members. Here are the details of the symposium and who to contact to register your interest:

Symposium on Family Troubles: Care and Change in Diverse Contexts, Henley Business School, University of Reading, 16 September 2015

This inter-disciplinary symposium aims to explore family relations, care and ‘troubles’ in diverse contexts. The symposium will reflect on the powerful, often emotive discourses associated with ‘family’ in different cultural and policy settings and explore the (potentially troubling or troubled) changes, caring practices, and intergenerational relations that shape family lives over time and space in both the global North and South.

Parallel paper sessions will address the following themes:

* Meanings of ‘family’ and (troubling) changes in family lives

* Care and interdependencies in diverse household forms

* Support for ‘troubled’ families

* Responses to death and ‘bereavement’

* Life-limiting illness, dying bodies and family caring practices

* Policy framings of ‘troubling’ families

These contentious, emotive and sensitive issues pose questions and dilemmas for policy makers, practitioners and service users, as well as researchers and academics interested in issues of family change, care and support.

Registration fee (includes lunch and refreshments): £30

Register for the event: odid=605

For more information:

Contact: Ruth Evans:


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