Gender and Sexuality Cluster (SWWDTP)

The Gender and Sexuality Research Network now has the official support of the South West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership (part of the AHRC) for a gender and sexuality themed cluster! The cluster is designed to bring together students  of the SWWDTP who are working on projects that relate to any aspect of gender and sexuality. We also welcome those who have an interest in the subject. We are currently a group of 16 SWW DTP doctoral researches who look at gender from various disciplinary backgrounds. We do welcome new members so please get in touch if you are interested.

We are now busy organising some activities for the next academic year. Our first introductory networking event took place on 6th November. This day involved members of the cluster presenting briefly on their PhD work and the opportunity to share ideas. In the afternoon we discussed how we would like to take the cluster forward. There were some great ideas suggested all round. Our next event will take place on 19th May at the University of Reading. The theme of this symposium is “Gendered Space”. Thanks to those of you who submitted abstracts. We are now finalising the programme.

The cluster now has its own blog on which all members can post about upcoming events and articles on gender and sexuality related themes:


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