Next meeting, ‘Embodied Online to Offline Interactions: New Media and Body Practices in Urban Space’ – 24th October (4-5pm)

We are delighted to announce our next meeting. Brace yourselves… they are starting to come thick and fast now! On Monday 24th October at 4pm in Humss 280 Phevos Kallitsis, from the Architecture department at Portsmouth University, will be giving a talk about his research on new media and body practices in the Urban Space.

We hope to see you all again next week, for what is sure to be a fascinating talk. Phevos will be presenting Grinder from an architectural point of view – intriguing!

Here is Phevos’ abstract:

Sexuality was traditionally connected with the private, an element questioned outside the heteronormative boundaries, with groups being excluded both from public and private spaces. Men seeking sex with men practices historically blurred this binary distinction. Once the digital media of communication offered new means of communication, and people took advantage of them changing the perception of geographical space. The paper presents a series of observations about the interrelation of public and private based Grinder users’ profiles and geographical distribution within the city of Portsmouth – looking on how those avatars are embodied somewhere in the city and its interconnection of digital grids and city maps.

See you Monday!

P.S we only have one remaining place in the Spring term for a paper – so if you’d like to present please inform either Sophie or Maria as soon as possible