Next Meeting: ‘Reflections on Writing the Female Grotesque’ 27th Feb, 3pm, HumSS144

Hello everyone

Our next talk will be by Karina Lickorish Quinn who is doing her PhD here at the University of Reading. She is from the department of English literature and Creative Writing. Her title is ‘Reflections on Writing the Female Grotesque’.

The talk will take place on Monday 27th February at the earlier time of 3pm in HumSS 144.

Here is Karina’s abstract:

The grotesque is a powerful means for writers to challenge the male gaze, subverting the idealisation of the female body as static, passive, and restrained with the portrayal of the female anatomy in all its unaffected corporeality. The female grotesque overflows: she lactates, menstruates and births. Powerfully transgressing boundaries, both her own biological barrier, the skin, and the barriers imposed by society in the form of taboos, the female grotesque is dynamic: she is exciting and troublesome in equal measure.

Alongside providing an introduction to the theory behind the female grotesque and her portrayal in works of fiction, this paper presents the reflections of a creative writer of the female grotesque, exploring the artistic process from the spark of inspiration through the ethical dilemma of how much a writer might ‘borrow’ or ‘steal’ from others to the battle of capturing a vision on the written page. Perhaps most vexing is the thorny question of whether literature can really change societal discourse at all.

We hope to see you there next week!


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