Next meeting: ‘Surviving the English Civil War as a Widow’, 20th February, 4pm, HumSS280

Our next talk will be given by Hannah Worthen from the History department at the University of Leicester. Her title is ‘Objects of Pity?: Surviving the English Civil Wars as a widow’. The meeting will take place on 20th February at 4pm in HumSS280.

Hannah’s abstract:

During the English Civil Wars (1642-1651) warfare arrived on the doorstops of the homes of civilians across the country. Women waved their husbands off to war, many of whom were never to return. What was life like for these war widows during this incredibly turbulent period of English history? This paper will firstly examine the representation of widows in printed pamphlets during the Civil War period: how they were depicted as poor, suffering and used as a metaphor for being left bereft and alone. Then, it will outline the methods that many war widows used to survive. By petitioning for pensions and appearing in front of Committees at Westminster, many widows successfully negotiated a more secure life for themselves and their families.
See you on the 20th!

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