Next Meeting: ‘Putting the child at the heart of the reconciliation of work and family life principle: a role for grandparents?’ 9th Jan 4pm Humss280

Happy new year everyone!

We’re all back to work now after the wonderful Christmas festivities wishing we were still eating mince pies and being merry. But, don’t despair… the good news is that you have a term ahead of you cram packed with papers brought to you by the Gender and Sexuality Research Network at Reading. You’re feeling better already aren’t you?

To kick off proceedings, we are welcoming Ruksar Sattar from the University of Leicester. So she’s from the city of the current Premier League title holders no less (other football clubs are available)! Ruskar is from a law background rather than football one and instead of discussing Jamie Vardy’s 2016 party, she’s talking to us about the role of grandparents in family life.

Sophie and I look forward to seeing you in our usual room (HumSS280) at the usual time (4pm) on January the 9th!

Here is Ruksar’s abstract:

Ruksar’s research is based on the reconciliation of work and family life principle, under which a set of policies and legal provisions have been developed focusing on the tension inherent in juggling work and family responsibilities. Contrary to the existing literature which is mainly focused on the promotion of gender equality, Ruksar’s research argues that there is lack of regard for the welfare of children within the reconciliation discourse. She therefore proposes that one of the ways to address this issue is through the regulation of the role of grandparents who are directly facilitating reconciliation by providing informal childcare.



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