Next Meeting: ‘Whose Heritage is it anyway? Making Space for the Black Woman in Amma Asante’s Belle’ – 5th December, 4pm, HumSS280

Hello everyone!

Apologies again that today’s talk was cancelled. But the good news is that we have a talk next week for you! Sarah Symth is coming all the way from the film department at the University of Southampton to talk to us about Amma Asante’s film Belle. The talk will be on the 5th December at 4pm in HumSS280. We hope to see you in your numbers for our last talk of 2016!

Here is Sarah’s abstract:

Amma Asante’s 2014 film Belle, a mainstream British period drama, tells the story of a woman of colour by a woman of colour. In this paper, I argue that the film makes a critical intervention into the genre by revealing and challenging the raced and gendered construction of history and heritage.

By centralising space as critical to this representation, I demonstrate how key moments of spatial movement in the film – namely Belle’s rebellious journeys as a lone mixed-race female traveller – challenges the genre’s conventional depictions of both (white) “feminine” spaces and (white) national identity.


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