Is jealousy a good reason to pursue sexual monogamy? Monday 17th October

Hello everyone

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our last meeting. We hope that you can join us again on Monday 17th October from 4-5pm in HumSS280.  It would be fantastic to see some new faces too!

Nick Harding from the philosophy department at the University of Southampton is coming to give us a talk on his research. The title of his paper is ‘Is jealousy a good reason to pursue sexual monogamy?’

Here is his abstract:
Most people pursue sexual monogamy, not consensual sexual nonmonogamy (CSNM). A popular rationale for this restrictive choice is as follows: since jealousy is an inescapable part of human nature, CSNM leaves (most) humans highly vulnerable to undesirable experiences of jealousy whereas, by forbidding extra-relationship sex, sexual monogamy provides strong protection against such feelings. I will present an interdisciplinary case for doubting this justification, arguing that the empirical, philosophical, and other literature provide less support for it than popularly thought. Indeed, the research gives grounds for optimism regarding the exploration of alternatives to the failing convention of sexual monogamy.

Looking forward to see you all on Monday!



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