“The realm of goddesses in ancient Mesopotamia” 3rd December

Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 3rd December at 1pm in G09 in the Graduate school – we thought we’d treat you to another paper as an early Christmas gift!

Our speaker is Monica Palmero Fernandez from the Archeology department. We hope to see many of you there for our last meeting of 2015!

File:Ishtar goddess.jpg
Image by davideferro.net

Here is her abstract:

What is a goddess? Is it (she?) a woman? Does it share the same attributes as women? Is the term “goddess” (and “god”) even appropriate to designate a broad spectrum of divine entities in ancient Mesopotamia that are anchored in natural phenomena? Finally, how may we approach and interpret the material remains associated with them? This paper will attempt to elucidate some theoretical and methodological issues associated with the archaeology of religion that have risen in the course of my doctoral research.



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