Next Meeting 30th April 1-2pm

Newbury_Abbot_Trent's_TragedyThe next meeting of the Gender and Sexuality Research Network is upon us! We hope to see as many as you as possible in the Graduate School on Thursday 30th April at 1pm in G09. All are welcome!

We are pleased to announce that our speaker for the meeting will be Yasmin Bell from the Department of Film, Theatre and Television.

She will be examining suicide and gendered behavior in early modern British tragedy.

Here is her abstract:

‘Unseemly woman in seemly man!’ Suicide and Standards of Gendered Behaviour in Early Modern British Tragedy

Suicide is a common feature of late Elizabethan and early Jacobean tragedy, despite its taboo status as unlawful and sinful. In the plays discussed, suicide presents the characters with an opportunity to either reclaim their honourable position within gender roles, but potentially transgressing the normative behaviour of their gender in doing so. The self-sacrifice of women, while utilising traits of courage and strength considered unfeminine, is reinscribed as the epitome of femininity when the act is undertaken to maintain chastity and male reputation; the suicide of men, when not in the service of the state, is deemed unmanly and shameful. My focus shall therefore fall upon the following plays: Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare, 1596), Othello (Shakespeare, 1603), The Maid’s Tragedy (Beaumont and Fletcher, 1611) and The Second Maiden’s Tragedy (Middleton, 1611).

Here is Yasmin’s Bio:

My name is Yasmin Bell, I am 21 years old and currently enrolled on the MA(Res) Theatre Studies course at the University of Reading. I previously attended the University of Winchester for my BA in Drama Studies, where I graduated with first class honours. My research interests include:

  • Theatre and Film Controversies
  • Shakespeare and his Contemporaries
  • “Media Effects” and Contemporary Violent Film and Television
  • Social taboos in performance
  • Feminist critique

In the future I hope to continue combining my different research interests and hobbies (for example, exploring the different audience perceptions of pole dance in live performance and its portrayal in television and film). A more long-term goal is to undertake a PhD at the University of Winchester.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


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