Next Meeting: The Androgynous Female Body, 13th March

Photo by Daniel Furlong Romo

The Gender and Sexuality Research Network at Reading is delighted to announce our next meeting on Friday 13th March from 1-2pm in G09 at the Graduate School. We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you there for what looks to be a very interactive and interesting meeting.

Our session will be centred around Jennifer Stokes’ presentation on the androgynous female body which she has entitled:
The Androgynous Female Body: What Does This Say About Sexuality in 2015?

Jennifer will be showing us some related video clips and investigating the rise in androgyny in women within mainstream culture. She will discuss the following questions:
* Is androgyny in mainstream culture making it more acceptable to be androgynous in today’s society or is there already an acceptance?
* Who are the androgynous in 2015 and what does it mean?
* Is engaging in an androgynous lifestyle an indicator of your gender, sexuality or both?

Some more information about our speaker:
Jennifer Christine Stokes is a South East based Freelance Artist with a Dance and Technology specialism, originally from Liverpool, North West England. She has a proven interest in representing a UK reality of both the masculine and feminine within the biologically, female body through the medium of video installation. When creating material for her video installations, she selects self-identified androgynous women to explore their identity through a series of given creative tasks; enabling participants to make a contribution for the video installation and/or performance. The specifics of their contributions are then applied to the film editing process; resulting in the participants’ having full creative control. 


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